RIPL’s vision is to strive for excellence and to become an absolute benchmark in the steel industry for quality, service, integrity, innovation and hard work through disruption and a distinguished and exclusive culture development, a vision that transforms “Sapno Ko GK Dekho” into reality.

RIPL aims at Complete Customer Satisfaction (CCS) with a strict policy of ‘zero tolerance’ in quality and service. RIPL’s resources are exclusively tailored towards Cost Effectiveness and Process Efficiencies. Our aim is to maintain our status of ‘better than the rest’ in the aforementioned field and to become an example for creativity and innovation. RIPL prides in being a pioneer in safety and our motto of ‘zero accidents’ more than reflects the same. RIPL incorporates its mission of ‘creating a better tomorrow’ through CSR and many new initiatives as one of its primary goals, as we believe in working ‘’for’’ the environment, rather in it.


  • Quality – Complete Customer Satisfaction in quality and service.
  • Commitment – Towards building a lasting relationship with our clients.
  • Manpower – We believe in developing personalities, not just in dedicated and effective employee base.
  • Cost Effectiveness and Process Efficiencies – We aim for disruption through CE and PE.
  • Safety – RIPL boasts of being a pioneer in safety.
  • Integrity – For us, everything else is secondary.
  • Environment – Creating a synergy between ‘Steel’ and ‘Green’.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth
  • Excellence
  • Trust
  • Relationship