Wire – Rod

Wire Rods is to industry what GK TMT is to customers, equally famous in the industrial sector. RIPL is well known for its commitment and quality of its Wire Rods. Manufactured from the same Billets that produce GK TMT, and with a wide range in size, it has become a consistent hit.

Mechanical Specification (Commercial Grade)
Size Carbon Manganese Phosphorus Sulphur
5-12 mm 0.12% max 0.45% min 0.05% max 0.05% max
Mechanical Specification (Low Carbon Grade)
Size Crabon Mangnese Phosphorus Sulphur
5-12 mm 0.10% max 0.45% min 0.05% max 0.04% max
Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength (max) Tensile Strength (max) Elongation (min)
280 max 450 N/mm² 28%