Real Care Foundation

As a part of a sector that is often frowned upon by environmentalist, Real Parivar has taken it upon itself to completely alter the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our contributions towards society through some of our innovative initiatives are a source of envy for others. We have taken a significant step towards a dream of developing and maintaining a NGO called REAL CARE FOUNDATION, in which, issues like Child care, Women’s Welfare, Educational and Medical care are a priority for us, and are offered totally free of cost to our esteemed employees. Such initiatives give us a psychological pride of working towards the vision of the State and Central government.

We are morally inclined to serve surrounding villages with huge contributions in the development of schools and green parks. We are working towards beautification through plantation and ‘total sanitation’ in these areas and have engraved The Prime Minister’s vision of ”Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” into our bloodstream. We show significant personal interest in the development of school kids in these areas by conducting various computer-training programs, having direct interaction and organizing competitions that promote the overall growth of the kids.

The numerous medical camps and development of proper approach to local lakes are some other examples of the type of work we have been doing. ‘’Vrindavan Hall’’, a high capacity seminar hall is leveraged daily to various social organizations almost free of cost, and is considered an absolute gift to the society. A library in the heart of the city is an additional effort towards our concern for education.

”Chitavan”, a state of the art old age home, is the latest addition to our CSR activities. We truly understand the importance of such initiatives and are making significant steps towards filling the void of such homes. It gives us true satisfaction in providing our senior citizens with all the prerequisites of a basic lifestyle with proper medical and social care. Books, gardening, family dinners and a unified atmosphere coupled with regular park outings and occasional visits to movie theatres, makes them feel one with society once again.

We know that this is just the start and the road is long, but we believe that changing the perception of our sector is the need of the hour.

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